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page.tl December 27, 2006

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We have a new page.tl address if you are interested in getting here a little faster.
There are a few drawbacks from visiting the direct link (ie. no rss feed is found) but here’s the link-

One of my favorite addons, McAfee SiteAdvisor rates my blog (page.tl version) under the ‘Red’ catagory for an unknown reason. THE FULL ADDRESS IS NOT LISTED UNDER RED; JUST THE PAGE.TL ROOT!
Please ignore this until I contact the page.tl domain holder.

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WP Skin + FF Skin December 22, 2006

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I’ve changed the theme to Vermilion Christmas for the holidays.
If you like it you should check out the firefox TinselTown theme my TwisterMC.

from TwisterMC website


Support Our Site December 3, 2006

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Please visit powerfirefox.co.nr and click on the link that says “Help Us Grow” (or click on the one below)
This helps our site become bigger so more people know about this blog!

In other news, a great site I just found today called 10MinuteMail.com is great for anyone who signs up for stuff but doesn’t want to receive spam. Since most services have a confirmation email, this service lets
you check the email for 10 minutes (you can add time if you need it).
RATING- 5 Stars!