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Firefox kiosk mode December 10, 2006

Posted by powerfirefox in Addons, Firefox, Website.

Want to use Firefox in your work, but you think only IE can run in kiosk mode!
Try the Public Fox or R-kiosk extensions.
With Public Fox you can lock the about:config menu, options dialog, addons manager, and prevent unwanted downloads with one central password

USE: For Public Computers

On the other hand, with R-kiosk you lock down the window – it will have no menu’s at all! You can use user_pref(“rkiosk.navbar”, true); to add the nav bar.
–Quoted from addons.mozilla.org:
Notice that the user can still close Firefox with for example Alt-F4 and get access to your computer. You might want to prevent this with a suitable utility program for your operating system.

USE: For Workplace (make homepage the company website, but don’t allow browsing to other pages)

Kiosk Extensions


AdBlockPlus! December 9, 2006

Posted by powerfirefox in Addons, Firefox, Web.
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Adblocking got even better with Adblockplus, I haven’t got back to Mozilla Addons in a while so I didn’t notice AdBlockPlus as the top extension! I decided to install it because I always liked AdBlock… this is the best extension I have ever installed! The filter auto-updates so you do not have to have anything like the Fliterset.G extension!
This and the Noia2.0Extreme theme are the best things that happened to firefox.

Go on for screenshot…