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about:config tweaks December 8, 2006

Posted by powerfirefox in Firefox, Tweak, Web.

Today I have a couple of about:config tweaks!
There are many more out there from doing a google search but I like these! 😛

Close Buttons like FF1.5-

Firefox 1.5 Close Button

TWEAK: browser.tabs.closeButtons
Type: Integer
Values: 0, 1, 2 or 3
Default: 1
Description: A value of “0″ removes close buttons from all but the currently selected tab. A value of “1″ will enable close buttons for ALL tabs, while a value of “2″ removes all close buttons completely. A value of “3″ will display a close button on the far right within the tabs pane similar to previous versions.

Install Button on Addons Window-

Firefox ‘Install’ Button

TWEAK: extensions.hideInstallButton
Boolean: True/False
Default: True
Description: After disabling this option, you’ll find an “install” button next to “find updates” in your Add-ons window. This is helpful if you’re working on themes or extensions and don’t enjoy dragging and dropping files across windows repeatedly. (RECOMMENDED MY ME!)



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