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page.tl December 27, 2006

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We have a new page.tl address if you are interested in getting here a little faster.
There are a few drawbacks from visiting the direct link (ie. no rss feed is found) but here’s the link-

One of my favorite addons, McAfee SiteAdvisor rates my blog (page.tl version) under the ‘Red’ catagory for an unknown reason. THE FULL ADDRESS IS NOT LISTED UNDER RED; JUST THE PAGE.TL ROOT!
Please ignore this until I contact the page.tl domain holder.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


WP Skin + FF Skin December 22, 2006

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I’ve changed the theme to Vermilion Christmas for the holidays.
If you like it you should check out the firefox TinselTown theme my TwisterMC.

from TwisterMC website


reddit: vote for firefox tv December 15, 2006

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I just posted the firefox.com/tv link to reddit! Vote for it so more people will know about the firefox flicks tv campaign.
The new videos are below in Flash format, if you want better quality visit the main firefox flicks page at firefoxflicks.com or at the Firefox TV site above.

LASTLY, Vote for the page I was talking about on reddit

Firefox Flicks TV Playlist

EDIT- WordPress isn’t letting me add the “embeded” tag so please go to the link below

Firefox kiosk mode December 10, 2006

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Want to use Firefox in your work, but you think only IE can run in kiosk mode!
Try the Public Fox or R-kiosk extensions.
With Public Fox you can lock the about:config menu, options dialog, addons manager, and prevent unwanted downloads with one central password

USE: For Public Computers

On the other hand, with R-kiosk you lock down the window – it will have no menu’s at all! You can use user_pref(“rkiosk.navbar”, true); to add the nav bar.
–Quoted from addons.mozilla.org:
Notice that the user can still close Firefox with for example Alt-F4 and get access to your computer. You might want to prevent this with a suitable utility program for your operating system.

USE: For Workplace (make homepage the company website, but don’t allow browsing to other pages)

Kiosk Extensions

AdBlockPlus! December 9, 2006

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Adblocking got even better with Adblockplus, I haven’t got back to Mozilla Addons in a while so I didn’t notice AdBlockPlus as the top extension! I decided to install it because I always liked AdBlock… this is the best extension I have ever installed! The filter auto-updates so you do not have to have anything like the Fliterset.G extension!
This and the Noia2.0Extreme theme are the best things that happened to firefox.

Go on for screenshot…


about:config tweaks December 8, 2006

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Today I have a couple of about:config tweaks!
There are many more out there from doing a google search but I like these! 😛

Close Buttons like FF1.5-

Firefox 1.5 Close Button

TWEAK: browser.tabs.closeButtons
Type: Integer
Values: 0, 1, 2 or 3
Default: 1
Description: A value of “0″ removes close buttons from all but the currently selected tab. A value of “1″ will enable close buttons for ALL tabs, while a value of “2″ removes all close buttons completely. A value of “3″ will display a close button on the far right within the tabs pane similar to previous versions.

Install Button on Addons Window-

Firefox ‘Install’ Button

TWEAK: extensions.hideInstallButton
Boolean: True/False
Default: True
Description: After disabling this option, you’ll find an “install” button next to “find updates” in your Add-ons window. This is helpful if you’re working on themes or extensions and don’t enjoy dragging and dropping files across windows repeatedly. (RECOMMENDED MY ME!)

Support Our Site December 3, 2006

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Please visit powerfirefox.co.nr and click on the link that says “Help Us Grow” (or click on the one below)
This helps our site become bigger so more people know about this blog!

In other news, a great site I just found today called 10MinuteMail.com is great for anyone who signs up for stuff but doesn’t want to receive spam. Since most services have a confirmation email, this service lets
you check the email for 10 minutes (you can add time if you need it).
RATING- 5 Stars!

Hello December 2, 2006

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Welcome to my powerfirefox.co.nr blog, if you read the post on my website you see that this is the address to my new blog. Here are some listings that I have in the news section that I think should be a blog post not a news post.


For anyone (like me) that doesn’t like how the Firefox 2.0 user interface looks, you can try the theme Winestripe which makes the UI just like 1.5! This is a highly recommended theme for people who want to switch back to 1.5 because of the new ‘look’. You can also try No Tab Close Button, to get rid of the “X” on each tab (I actually like the “X” on each tab…)


I’ve put together a list of my recommended addons. Mozilla may have a list of addons but I feel that some of them aren’t really that good. NUMBER 5 (dl link)- FoxyTunes, great extension for smooth music playing though your favorite browser. NUMBER 4 (dl link)- NoScript, firefox is safer with NoScript – use this extension for a safer browsing experience! NUMBER 3 (dl link)- FireFTP, a small FTP client for Firefox features a great UI plus the ability to transfer files while browsing is perfect. NUMBER 2 (dl link)- IETab, windows user – want to update though Firefox ~ view ie only pages ~ test your page in IE… NUMBER 1 (dl link)- AdBlock Plus, this is by far the best adblocker for Firefox – inprovments from regular adblock are not having to use Fliterset.G updater + better adblocking!

Thanks for Reading!
-powerfirefox admin